Argan oil production

An argan tree produce between 10 and 30 kg of fruits. It takes 38 kg of fruit to give 2.6 kg of nuts and produce 1 liter of argan oil.

Most of the production of argan oil is made in women’s cooperatives, as part of a women’s working conditions of development program of the local economy and the sustainable management of argan areas.
The UCFA, Cooperatives Union of Women of Arganeraie, is the main union of these cooperatives, counting Twenty Two members.

The production of argan oil has 2000 workers in the Moroccan cooperatives. Each year are produced from 3000 to 4000 tons of oil, with a planted area of 800 000 hectares, denser in the north than in the south or at the edge of the desert.

Production d'huile d'Argane
Source : ANCA Maroc (Association Nationale des Coopératives d’Argane)