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Personal data

The site respects the privacy of the Internet user and complies with the applicable laws on the protection of privacy and individual freedoms. may collect personal data in the following cases:

  • Sending a contact form
  • Propose a comment
  • Through cookies generated by (see the dedicated section below).
  • Through cookies placed by third-party website services (see the dedicated section below).

♦ When the user writes a comment: the data entered (name or nickname and e-mail address), as well as the IP address are recorded in the database. This data is used only for the purpose of correspondence initiated by the Internet user, and is – and will never be – disclosed to a third party. Recording the IP address helps detect unwanted comments (spam) that would be sent from the same sender.
To facilitate the sending of subsequent comments, a cookie can be placed to store this data so that the user does not have to fill them in systematically.

♦ When the user sends a message via the contact form, can possibly store the personal information indicated (name/nickname, e-mail address), depending on the type of module currently deployed to manage the contacts. This data is only intended for correspondence with the site editor.

Personal data are – and will be – never disclosed and are only used for the purposes stated above.

Data access, lifespan

The Internet user can request to receive a file containing all the personal data about him that are saved by, via the contact form. It may request the deletion of such data.
In all cases, this data is not retained for more than three years.

Data protection, security

Only information sent by the user via a comment or the contact form can be saved on the server hosting
This server is secure, with firewalls used to counter hacking attempts, AntiVirus and AntiMalware to counter threats such as viruses, Trojans and other malware. also incorporates an SSL certificate (allowing secure browsing in HTTPS) to increase the security of the information transmitted, and uses all reasonable means to secure its databases.


What is a cookie

Cookies are small files stored on the browser of the user, at the request of a website (located on a remote server) when browsing on it. These cookies are associated with the domain of the visited website and can be consulted later (during another visit) by this site (and possibly by associated third parties). This allows a “lasting” interaction between the user and the website, until the cookie is deleted or reaches the expiry date.
Generally, the information stored in this way is login and consent information, or other preferences designed to improve and personalize the user experience.

Type of cookies concerned uses cookies on the one hand to ensure the essential functions of navigation on the site (provided by the WordPress CMS, the tool for managing articles and web development, with its extensions such as the use of comments), and on the other hand, tools for traffic analysis (Google Analytics) and ad delivery (Google Adsense) that set cookies to operate and collect browsing information.
In addition, features of third-party services from social networks are offered on (Facebook) may use cookies.
The choice of the user determines which cookies are deployed and for which functions.

Google Analytics

For Google Analytics, being configured on in anonymous mode, the cookie does not transmit identifiable personal information. However, the user can choose to suspend this data collection via the cookie management preferences by accepting only the necessary cookies.

Google Adsense

This site runs Google Adsense ads, which implies the following:

  • In the default choice of preferred cookies with necessary and anonymous cookies, Adsense advertisements are displayed on in «non-personalized» mode. Thus cookies do not collect the personal browsing data of the user, thus avoiding targeted advertising, and serve only for the proper functioning of the module.
  • Users can choose to suspend the advertising module via their cookie preferences by accepting only essential cookies.
  • If all cookies are accepted, the advertisements can be displayed in personalized mode, which implies the following elements:
    • Google Adsense then uses cookies to deliver ads based on users’ previous visits to the website and can collect browsing data to target advertising based on interests.
    • Thanks to the DoubleClick cookie, Google and its partners adapt the ads distributed to visitors according to their navigation on its website and/or other websites.
      When a user sees an ad posted on a partner’s website or clicks on it, a cookie can be placed in their browser.
    • Users can also decide more generally to refuse these personalized ads via

More information about cookies used by Google

Social networks

Tools associated with social networks like Facebook are available on, enabled only if the user accepts all cookies.
If the user is connected via your browser to this social network, then interactions are allowed with the social network account of the user such as article sharing or buttons of type «I like». These services may, depending on the implementation of the service that depends on the third-party site, use cookies and collect personal information. activates these services only if the user accepts all cookies.
In any case, if the user does not want to be concerned when browsing by these cookies deposited by the social networks, he can disconnect from these services while browsing the site.

Deactivation of cookies

Cookies can be deactivated, in particular by setting your browser, or by using the Google Advertising Solutions Settings, or by using the website.

Depending on your browser, here are the procedures to configure the management of cookies:

To change your cookie acceptance preferences:


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